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“I CAN HELP. No matter how you are feeling stuck” No matter where you are.

I Can Help

I am so excited that you are HERE, on the path to making your life better. It tears my heart out to think of people suffering… alone. Reaching out is the most important, & hardest step.You did it! You are here!

Joleen Frideres, LMHC, IADC, NCC
~Licensed Mental Health & Addictions Therapist

If you are ready to GET TO GOOD? Reaaaaal Good!?
Enjoy life? Like yourself? LOVE yourself?
Have a passionate loving relationship?
Feel confident? Joyful? Fulfilled? Love your life!?
Heal from whatever is holding you back?
Then you’re ready to go “ALL IN”?
It’s YOUR time. Your time is NOW.
The “IT’S MY TIME” package will transform your life!
I am at your service for 16 weeks. We get d o w n to whatever has been holding you back, whatever has you stuck, so that you can R I S E UP to live the life of your dreams!
Invest in YOU…. in your happiness.
Let’s do this.
Your L I F E is waiting. Let’s do this.

I Can Help You In Different Situations

I make getting help accessible, affordable, & awesome
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Skype or phone sessions from anywhere!

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Julie S

You’ve helped me come a long way, Joleen. Still have some moments and issues to deal with, but compared to where I was a year ago, heck a few months ago, I really have felt the difference. My wish is for my husband to find his happy place as well and I have every confidence that you will lead him in the right direction. Thanks again, Joleen!

First of all, thank you so much for the time that you’ve spent counseling my husband. Although it’s been difficult for him, I have noticed that he’s trying to actually think things through at a deeper level. Secondly, I have actually done something WAY out of my comfort zone and didn’t collapse, die or worse I went to a work party with one of the board members of the club, his wife and a couple that they introduced us to over the weekend! Oh! Did I mention that I didn’t go to the party with my husband? I went BY MY SELF!!! AND, I had a really nice time. AND, I spent FOUR HOURS with them…AND there was no alcohol! Amazing LOL

Les H

Skype counseling (with Joleen) the BEST! I have literally had breakthroughs in my pajamas!

Dance Judie H

I love you, . You are good. You are beautiful, both inside and out. You always have been beautiful. You did not — could not — see it. It’s not your fault. You did the best you could. You really did. You are just fine. It’s all right. All of it. You are perfect, just as you are. You are so very loved, honey, you are so very loved. You are all right. Everything is all right. Just as it should be. I am with you always, forever. Be you. Be wonderful, awesome, beautiful you. We are on fire! Together!” Oh, did the tears flow. But they were cathartic tears. A shift… very new, but very real. No more room for fear or doubt. No reason to regret. Excitement, joy, peace. Now

I tried to fill the hole inside of me with possessions, clothes, shoes, unhealthy personal or professional relationships. Nothing was enough. And, now I’m 55. After a few sessions with Joleen these journaled words came quickly


I know you’re great at helping people, Joleen. (prior to seeing you) I had NO hope for my marriage and now four months later I can’t think of anything else: Our nest, our babies and our dreams. Sometimes I happy-cry over it. I can’t believe how lost I was…I’m grateful every day for where we are now We couldn’t have done this without you. As much as we wanted it, for US, WE kept hitting the same walls. Thank you.
After my family session with you & my parents, I told my husband “I want to send Joleen ROSES!!”.
My dad already wants to come back, and. my mom really likes you too! You’ll have to start charging per head though, I have a big clan I wish I could share you with EVERYONE!!

Laura W

I want to share with you my journey from lost, depressed and without purpose in life, to happy and enjoying each and every day. Some of you know what the past three years have been like for Mike and I – cancer, loss of my mother, hip and shoulder replacements, lymphedema, loss of job and income. I have to say, at times it has been a test of our strength and a challenge we both have had difficulty coping with. BUT, thanks to, I have hope and faith again that we can face any challenges that come our way. Joleen and I talk weekly on Skype. It is so much easier to be open and comfortable sitting in my own home, and she is so insightful and intuitive we have made progress very quickly. I have been able to understand the source of many of my anxieties and fears. Joleen has taught me how to deal with these issues head on in a positive and productive way. I feel empowered to keep moving forward and excepting whatever comes our way. Please see her. I am not kidding you guys – she has changed my world and she can change yours too!

Jill Z

I would love to share my experience with Joleen at Courageous life coaching. I was at my lowest of lows. I reached out to Joleen like I have in the past. This time she told me I needed to come see her once a week for three weeks. I told her i could commit to that. So I went in for my first week. I sat there and cried the whole session. My life was spiraling out of control. I was having panic attacks almost every day. Which were scary for me. I was not happy in my marriage and job and being a mom. So after talking to her we found the culprit of my unhappiness was my job. So her and I came up with a solution. So I came home and talked with my husband. He was very supportive in whatever decision I made. In the meantime another job came up. So after prayer and long discussion with my husband and Jolene I decided to (jump off the high dive) and give my daycare parents notice that I would be quitting. They were all supportive which I’m so great full for. My second session with Joleen was a lot of work but I did it. By the third session with Joleen I was a changed person. I was very happy and my heart was not heavy anymore. I sat there and told her if she told me my first session that by my third session i would be different I would have laughed at her. But there I sat with a smile on my face which I hadn’t seen in a long time. I’m so great full for Joleen and her life coaching.

Thanks Joleen! You are the best!!! You have definitely turned my husband and I around for the best. I can’t thank you enough! I have told people u are amazing!! At first I was embarrassed to tell people we were doing counseling, but then I came to my senses… u helped us do a 180!! I always say something bad can turn into good, and this is for sure. We are back to being husband and wife and not just roommates anymore!! I definitely say it’s!!! We were also offered last night night to do a marriage thing through are church!! Weird how things that happen can turn into something so good!!!! Thanks again

D & C

Without your Counseling help I know we would certainly be divorced. I can say that without a doubt. We both learned a lot about each other and we are doing pretty good.


One of my daughter’s favorite books ends with the line, “Everybody needs a helper.” For about 10 months, I dealt with a stressful and painful divorce, finding every excuse for why I needed to go through it on my own. At a particularly difficult point, I finally accepted that I needed a helper. During my single session with Joleen, she helped me find my positivity and strength again, the courage to trust that I could face any outcome. She helped me understand that, yes, this was my path to walk, but I didn’t have to do it alone. I understand wanting to feel like you can (or even should) deal with your problems on your own, but if you’re reading this, there’s at least a piece of you looking for a little reassurance. Give Joleen a chance – you just may feel some relief after talking to her, and would that really be so bad?


I would highly recommend Joleen as a life coach! She is a great listener and offers innovative strategies to improve yourself and your relationships. We all experience trials and hardships. Sometimes we just need a soft, gentle, hand to lead and encourage us step by step. Joleen is both an inspirational and spiritual guide that helps you on this amazing journey called life. She offers a safe place to “unload” whatever you are dealing with and teaches you how to live your best life!
Make your appointment –it will change your life!


Yes ‘you can help’, and yes you have! I’m not someone that likes to air my personal life, because, well, it’s personal. However, Joleen has helped my husband and me find our way back to each other with more clarity, understanding and respect not to mention remembering why we love each other. No matter what issues you have with yourself, Joleen is able to help you understand yourself. She doesn’t blow sunshine out of your “you-know- what”, she actually helps separate crap and truth. You’re worth It! And Joleen will help you get to that place!

How Am I Going To Help You Get To Goooood?

My passion is to help you to “Liberate Your Life”:

My passion is to help you to “Liberate Your Life”:
Body, Mind, & Spirit.
My approach? I offer what you truly want.
Access when you want, from the comfort of your own home, via Skype or phone. No long wait for an appointment. No waiting room. No crazy extensive paperwork. No records that an entire network of people could see. Maximum confidentiality. Wow!

Mostly, my clients love that my approach works. Get ready to feel relief. Often times in 2-4 sessions my clients feel better than they have felt in a long, long, time. I am honest, authentic, compassionate, yet directive. I do not just "sit & nod".

To have deep, long lasting life transformation you will need to commit to doing the best work of your life. Working FOR yourself, on yourself, developing the most vital component to your life happiness, YOU.

We humans are like rubber bands, sadly resuming to past ways that take us back downhill, instead of ASCENDING! Going all-in for 4 months of your life, brings lasting, ingrained, change. (Ouch! Did I say change?! Yep. Because "If you keep doing what you have always done... you will keep getting what you have always got". Period.

Your call. Literally!

My hope is that you will call me for a free 20 minute consult, right now, to see if I am a good fit for you~
515.341.5800. Let’s talk. Today. Not tomorrow.... today. "It's YOUR time".

  • I am a Mental Health Professional with over 20 years of experience; holding nationally acclaimed certifications as a Therapist, Addictions Counselor, Domestic Violence Advocate, & Therapeutic Group Facilitator.
  • I have an accredited Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling.
  • I am Board Certified by the National Board of Certified Couneslors (NBCC).
  • I have specialized training as a Marriage Counselor, as a Spiritual Mentor, in Love & Logic Parenting, & Certified as a Family Trauma Professional
  • I have also have a Masters in Public Administration. Plus tons of additional MBA training, to help those building business.

"I make it so that you can afford my services. I accept credit card payments in increments that will work for you. My sessions are $90/hr. (Evenings & weekends special rate)
Often times my clients rejoice that they are feeling significantly better after only 2-4 sessions. See for yourself! Dozens of my clients have shared testimonies right here on my website. Do the math! A few hundred dollars, to create lasting happiness in your life

Ongoing agony, aloneness, regret, failed dreams, failed relationships, costly divorce, families being tourn apart, or worse~

Too busy for standard counseling?
I get it! Been there!
I make it easy-peasy for you:
We can Skype or Zoom from anywhere
Mini-sessions * Phone Sessions * Face-time Sessions *Messenger-Sessions * Walking-Sessions * Lunch-Hour-Sessions...
We CAN do this.