Spiritual Principles

God is love. We are all here to learn how truly love.
We are here to help each other home.
I do my best to help

Working Miracles: The Plan of the Teachers of God
A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love, delivering us from the mental tyranny of obsession with past or future to the inner peace of a Holy Instant. All of us are called to be part of a Great Awakening on the earth today, as we change our thinking and thus change the world.

Miraculous Relationships

Relationships are assignments, in which people are brought together with maximal opportunities for soul growth. Relationships are either conduits of love or conduits of fear, with the power to either heal or hurt.

The Role of the Holy Spirit
God has placed within our minds an Internal Teacher, with the power to take us back to love when we are lost in fear. The Holy Spirit is a “gentle bridge of perception,” authorized to return us to inner peace when we willingly place our thinking under His guidance.

I follow & teach psychological mind training which teaches us to dismantle a thought system based on fear, and accept instead a thought system based on love.
We’ve been mentally trained to solve problems at the level of effect — thinking if we had more money, a better partner, a different job, etc., we would be happy. But these are mere illusions of the ego mind, guaranteed to keep us on a constant wheel of suffering by which we seek but never find.
To effect real change in our lives, we must change our perceptions. And such a fundamental shift in thinking, from change on the level of effect to change on the level of cause, is a miracle. By making such changes we ourselves become miracle-workers — with the ability to change not only ourselves but also the world around us.


Real Forgiveness
We can have a grievance or we can have a miracle, but we cannot have both. When we’re willing to overlook the guilt in our brother to the innocence which lies beyond, we are freed from the pain of guilt that we otherwise project onto ourselves.

The Salvation of the World
The only thing to be saved from is our own fear-based thinking. The healing of the Son of God lies in dismantling of the ego’s thought system that now dominates the world, and accepting instead the divine Alternative of the Holy Spirit’s love.

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