Heartfelt Testimonies From My Courageous Clients

Without your Counseling help I know we would certainly be divorced. I can say that without a doubt. We both learned a lot about each other and we are doing pretty good.

Thanks Joleen!You are the best!!! You have definitely turned my husband and I around for the best. I can’t thank you enough!
I have told people u are amazing!! At first I was embarrassed to tell people we were doing counseling, but then I came to my senses… u helped us do a 180!! I always say something bad can turn into good, and this is for sure. We are back to being husband and wife and not just roommates anymore!! I definitely say it’s!!! We were also offered last night night to do a marriage thing through are church!! Weird how things that happen can turn into something so good!!!! Thanks again

Jill Z

I would love to share my experience with Joleen at Courageous life coaching. I was at my lowest of lows. I reached out to Joleen like I have in the past. This time she told me I needed to come see her once a week for three weeks. I told her i could commit to that. So I went in for my first week. I sat there and cried the whole session. My life was spiraling out of control. I was having panic attacks almost every day. Which were scary for me. I was not happy in my marriage and job and being a mom. So after talking to her we found the culprit of my unhappiness was my job. So her and I came up with a solution. So I came home and talked with my husband. He was very supportive in whatever decision I made. In the meantime another job came up. So after prayer and long discussion with my husband and Jolene I decided to (jump off the high dive) and give my daycare parents notice that I would be quitting. They were all supportive which I’m so great full for. My second session with Joleen was a lot of work but I did it. By the third session with Joleen I was a changed person. I was very happy and my heart was not heavy anymore. I sat there and told her if she told me my first session that by my third session i would be different I would have laughed at her. But there I sat with a smile on my face which I hadn’t seen in a long time. I’m so great full for Joleen and her life coaching.

Laura W

I want to share with you my journey from lost, depressed and without purpose in life, to happy and enjoying each and every day. Some of you know what the past three years have been like for Mike and I – cancer, loss of my mother, hip and shoulder replacements, lymphedema, loss of job and income. I have to say, at times it has been a test of our strength and a challenge we both have had difficulty coping with. BUT, thanks to, I have hope and faith again that we can face any challenges that come our way. Joleen and I talk weekly on Skype. It is so much easier to be open and comfortable sitting in my own home, and she is so insightful and intuitive we have made progress very quickly. I have been able to understand the source of many of my anxieties and fears. Joleen has taught me how to deal with these issues head on in a positive and productive way. I feel empowered to keep moving forward and excepting whatever comes our way. Please see her. I am not kidding you guys – she has changed my world and she can change yours too!


I know you’re great at helping people, Joleen. (prior to seeing you) I had NO hope for my marriage and now four months later I can’t think of anything else: Our nest, our babies and our dreams. Sometimes I happy-cry over it. I can’t believe how lost I was…I’m grateful every day for where we are now We couldn’t have done this without you. As much as we wanted it, for US, WE kept hitting the same walls. Thank you.
After my family session with you & my parents, I told my husband “I want to send Joleen ROSES!!”.
My dad already wants to come back, and. my mom really likes you too! You’ll have to start charging per head though, I have a big clan I wish I could share you with EVERYONE!!

Sarah V

“Joleen’s drive, passion and love for life is just infectious! Seriously. I love how she loves life and has all this energy to keep others inspired.”

♡ VH☆★

I worked with Jolene. I really had a lot of negative self talk. I spent most of my time punishing myself for every thing I have ever done.I have made bad choices, but I couldn’t forgive myself. I spent so much time hating myself, I couldn’t feel true happiness anymore. I felt that people around me felt the same about me as I felt about myself. I needed to forgive myself, but didn’t know how. Jolene helped me process the situations that caused me such emotional pain. She taught me that my thoughts can be changed. My self talk needed to be different. She taught me techniques to change my self talk. I also had to forgive others for their betrayals to me. I thought I had but I carried a lot of anger. Jolene reminded me that God loves me, and she gave me unconditional love when I couldn’t feel love for myself. I still have bad days, but I have techniques to change my self talk. I also can imagine Jolene behind me encouraging me, wanting me to succeed. That is the best feeling


Thanks to Joleen, our 8 year marriage was saved just in time. And even though we loved each other- we just couldn’t get it figured out. Joleen helped us to not only figure it out, but to start from the beginning & to rebuild the foundation (of our marriage).
The time to call Joleen is now- because tragically… he died 6 months after we started with her. Things were going well, my husband was happier then I had ever seen him- and so was I. My only regret is I wish we would have found her 6 years ago. We would have had more great days. Do not wait

Dave MN

I’m doing good now. I’m back to work. Eating healthy and not drinking. My wife and I are doing great. Definitely have made leaps and strides in the past couple months since starting Counseling with you. I also wanted to thank you for helping us. You have been amazing to work with, Joleen, and you definitely see the things that we don’t. Your very positive in how you help us deal with any setbacks. Once again thank you!

R & R

“I would highly recommend Courageous Life Coaching. Joleen’s approach to counseling has been a breakthrough for my marriage and also for me individually. She truly cares about her clients and loves what she does. I am so glad we picked up the phone and called her~ She is a lifesaver!”

T & J ~ Nebraska

Joleen helped us talk through the best way to approach our teen daughter. Joleen was very professional, and was so helpful in finding the right approach… for our family. She has a lot of experience working with teens and families, which is why I chose her over other therapists. I trust Joleen.


I went to Joleen to deal with my growing up & my current relationship. With Joleen’s faith in God & straight out telling me the way it was/is…. I leave her office feeling a weight off of my shoulders!!! I can breath, smile, & be reminded of the good things in my life & my process of dealing with the negatives, and be possitive for the blessings of my day to day life!!! Yes, friends are great to confide in, but with a Life Coach like Joleen she is neutral…. & takes no sides. I truly mean this.

Lisa Z~ Minnesota

How has Joleen helped me? Well where to begin, I was lost, trapped, a mere shell of myself when I met Joleen, since then I able learning skills through Joleen like how to handle situations, learning my own self worth, I am valuable I am worthy of good things, I can overcome adversity, my favorite quote from Joleen “You are freerer than you think you are” I am a work in progress I know, Joleen has much patience, extreme knowledge and is doing EXACTLY what she should be doing in her life! I look forward to our Monday morning SKYPE sessions. I am truly honored to know Joleen and call her my friend. Thank you1

Jodi~ Iowa

“To say all is well with my soul is an understatement…. Courageous life coaching….This has helped me step back and take a fresh look at my inner needs, desires, ambitions, emotions, my children, and relationships!! One never knows what you have to clean up before you can start to heal! Jolene helps you see things in such a fresh prospective, makes you think in order to begin to help yourself….suggests ideas in ways to encourage you….I thought my life had hit a brick wall with nowhere to turn and no one there to turn to…..This has made a huge impact on my thinking…how I react to situations…that if I feel controlled that its not okay to just sit back and do nothing thinking I had to just endure this way of life….my thoughts are clean, clear and on a straight path…I can now say with an un heavy heart that and that its ok to say NO to the things that have once my life is going somewhere brought tears to me eyes!!! I am so thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity for Courageous life coaching to impact my life in such a way of amazing. Thank you!!
I had to write this, I felt my heart pour out!! Keep up what you have been called to do, Joleen.. impact those who seek to find what they are looking for in their life..God has his plan for you and it is to encourage others!!

Impact those who seek to find what they are looking for in their life..God has his plan for you and it is to encourage others!!

Connor~ Minnesota

“I think you helped me sort my thoughts and feelings out when I was overwhelmed by them. You helped me realize what was important for me to worry and what I needed to just let go of. And just the love and acceptance toward me and whatever I may or may not have done was huge for me.
Because part of me was embarrassed to be struggling like i did. But you took me for who I am and for who you know me as, not a bad person or a loser that is just struggling in life.
I’m proud to be one of your success stories to pass on to future clients, I know what it’s like to struggle and I appreciate what you’ve done for me and I want you to help you help others the same way that you helped me.”

Couple~ Iowa

“My husband and I did a lot of work, in just TWO sessions! We felt disconnected before we went to you, and now I feel like we both understand one another! We have just seen our relationship just grow so much as a couple. So pleased with everything that you have done for us, Joleen!” Life is good!

Lisa Zuninga

I mentioned to a friend I needed to get away and take a road trip needed to “find myself” she said come with me to Iowa on a retreat. I mulled it over for a bit and said why not? I didn’t know what to expect but meeting Joleen was exactly what I was meant to do that weekend. I began to discover I am important, I need to take care of myself, most importantly I NEED to love myself. Joleen taught me to treat myself as my own best friend. I enjoyed my day so much I went out on a limb and asked her if I could become a client of hers and would she consider coaching me? Even though I live 3 hours away to my surprise Joleen said she would be honored to be my life coach! I felt such a powerful connection to her that first day! We began via phone, then advanced to Skype which is very awesome to see her, and from the comfort of my own home. Joleen has taught me to love myself, and to speak my truth without regret or guilt or fear. My whole life I have always cared for others and not myself, I would feel guilt if I even thought of doing something for myself, I felt my whole life I have felt undeserving of anything good. I have learned through Joleen that I do matter, I am a good, beautiful, caring person who deserves to take care of myself in order to care for others I need to take care of myself and stand up for myself and how I treat myself is how society will treat me. In short I have learned how to love, treat, and respect myself and I owe a lot of this to Joleen. I don’t feel I would be where I am without her! I will never forget that road trip to Iowa. Joleen is truly doing what she is meant to do! There were times when Joleen spoke her truth with me and I respected that something’s are hard to here but I needed to hear it!


Today I buried my husband. I don’t believe it was his time. One thing I learned- you have a spouse-sig other- no argument, fight, point, attitude, selfishness is worth it, because in one second it can be ripped from you. See the positives. Love each other like it is your last kiss, hug, conversation…because it just might be.
It took my husband and I 8 years to finally figure it out and get to a happy place- now he is gone. I am thankful for that short period of time- I would rather had 4 months of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing.

John H~ Humbolt, IA

When I first came to Joleen I was a mess. I had control issues that really had hurt my marriage. Joleen helped me understand where (my control issues) this was coming from. Our sessions helped me feel a lot better about myself, by realizing that I was made in God’s image, and that underneath the fear and obsession, I was a good man.
My wife and I are separated, but Joleen has helped in our relationship, and even moreso in my relationship with our children. I have hope.
Thank you, Joleen.

Lisa~ Lake City IA

“Joleen has a special way of understanding what you’re going through. She helped me be a better parent and to understand my son. Life is much better now! “

Sara ~IA

For those of you thinking you need a change, feel like you aren’t living up to your potential, aren’t doing something you love and WANT to change that – you seriously need to check out life coaching. I had a life coach before and it was seriously the best money I’ve ever spent on myself – HANDS DOWN. Without going through the process and learning how to get out of my own way, to not settle for less than what I want out of life – I wouldn’t be where I am, doing what I love. Trust me, you won’t regret it! 🙂

~ Bradly Dahl

Before I came to Joleen I was in a dark spot in my life. I had lived through years of abuse. I was lieing to everyone, even to myself, to make my pain ease. Now that I have been just to just a four sessions I’m happier, I’m more positive, and I’m healthier. Most importantly, I’m starting to stand up for myself. That scares me, as in my past I was told I wasn’t any good.
Now I can see the light. Now I can, and do, believe in myself. This is an amazing feeling that I had never immagined. Even my friends have seen a major improvement. I am worthy, good, and loveable. I have overcome so much. I thank Joleen for that.

Lori Riley

I would recommend you as a life coach because you have always lived life fully and because you are a continual learner and teacher! You are authentic and not afraid to deal with anything.


I was going to write this on your page but you can always put it there if you like. Thank you so much for your help. After leaving your office I felt such a weight lifted off my shoulders and I am excited to tackle my new life. You really helped me put things into perspective and I can’t wait to begin implementing what we have discussed. I will definitely come back to you when I am stuck! I will definitely encourage others to come see you when they are feeling stuck in life.
It is easy to talk to friends about life, but often they just want to support you and really do not want the responsibility of giving any direction. The talking to a good friend works until you need more than support and help in finding what is the next step or what to hang on to and what to leave behind. That is when you need a life coach like Joleen.


Joleen’s Life Coaching style is relaxed and comfortable. I was able to explore with Joleen ways to bring small, yet, powerful changes in my thoughts and routine ideas; to help in rebuilding and renewing my personal energy, and opening my mind and spirit for personal growth

I tried to fill the hole inside of me with possessions, clothes, shoes, unhealthy personal or professional relationships. Nothing was enough. And, now I’m 55. After a few sessions with Joleen these journaled words came quickly

Les H

Skype counseling (with Joleen) the BEST! I have literally had breakthroughs in my pajamas!

First of all, thank you so much for the time that you’ve spent counseling my husband. Although it’s been difficult for him, I have noticed that he’s trying to actually think things through at a deeper level. Secondly, I have actually done something WAY out of my comfort zone and didn’t collapse, die or worse I went to a work party with one of the board members of the club, his wife and a couple that they introduced us to over the weekend! Oh! Did I mention that I didn’t go to the party with my husband? I went BY MY SELF!!! AND, I had a really nice time. AND, I spent FOUR HOURS with them…AND there was no alcohol! Amazing LOL

Julie S

You’ve helped me come a long way, Joleen. Still have some moments and issues to deal with, but compared to where I was a year ago, heck a few months ago, I really have felt the difference. My wish is for my husband to find his happy place as well and I have every confidence that you will lead him in the right direction. Thanks again, Joleen!

"I CAN HELP. No matter how you are feeling stuck" No matter where you are.