Connection Groups

We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable & powerful selves to be deeply seen & known, & when we honor our spiritual connection

Silent Circles
~ Meditation, Mon 12-1pm

Everyday Enlightenment
~ Tuesdays 12:30-2 pm a support group for those dedicated to living on a spiritual path;Nurturing our spiritual growth through spiritual discussions & meditation

Purpose Moai
~ For those passionately seeking to unveil their True life purpose

Seeker Sundays Events
~ Celebrating God in many ways: Music, Art, Drumming,Chanting, Dance, etc.

Prosperity Groups
~ Law of Attraction

Parenting Groups
~ Love & Logic

Couples Groups
~ The Love Dare… For couples dedicated to making their marriage great

Rejuvenation Retreats~Refresh your spirit:
1. New Year New You~ (Every 1st Sunday following Jan 1st); Jan 7th 2018
2. Spring Retreat: Rebirth! Every Saturday following Mothers Day, May 20, 2017

Mental Health Collaborative
~ Inviting MH professionals to collaborate & support each other

Business & Entrepreneur Support Team (BEST) Collaborative meetings of people embracing a win:win philosophy

“I CAN HELP. No matter how you are feeling stuck” No matter where you are.